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Pint Talking

Feb 25, 2021

This week I talk about the Kolsch Cup I entered, The National Homebrew Convention and whether or not it will be an in person event, The Great American Beer Festival and whether or not I will get to cross off a bucket list item in 2021, and the number of trolls lurking around Craft beer Facebook groups. In the news I discuss a female brewery owner being named as an associate administrator of field operations for the U.S. SBA. I also mention a beer spa and who drinks more beer, The Czech Republic or The Brewer of Seville. Spoiler alert, the difference between the Czechs as an average and myself is staggering.

In the interview this week I sit down with Mark Crnajk from Missing Falls Brewery and we discuss how he and three other friends turned their love of homebrewing into a profession. We also discuss how the brewery got its name which is quite comical actually.

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