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Pint Talking

Aug 19, 2022

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This week on the show we get to the bottom of a major secret that Bob has kept from us. After we settle down from the big reveal Bob and I discuss this week’s Lorain Beer Festival, the upcoming Medina County Brewery Passport tour, and the latest promotional program that has been developed by the Craft Brewer’s Association.

In the interview segment I sit down with Frank Estremera from Muskellunge Brewing company. Frank tells me about his time in research and development of pharmaceuticals and how it led him to becoming a pro brewer. We taste several beers including a Hefe, American Light Lager, Honey Nut Brown, and a Mango Gose. Frank talks about hand building most of his equipment and how he truly may be the Dr. Frankenstein of North East Ohio Brewing.

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