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Pint Talking

Jul 22, 2022

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This week I made the trek to Sandusky, Ohio to visit with Kevin Kowalski at CLAG Brewing. The initial business was Small City Taphouse that served amazing craft beer and Asian cuisine. Six years later the brewery was born. CLAG is known for brewing some amazing big ass stouts and IPAs. During my visit we sampled a crispy Helles, a fantastic Hefe, a danky NEIPA that made my mouth water, and we finished with a 14% cinnamon and vanilla Imperial coffee stout. If you are in the area on August 13th stop in and help them celebrate two years of brewing kick ass liquid.

During the one more segment I drink Saturday Morning Cartoons from our friends at Missing Falls Brewing. This 7% Milkshake NEIPA brewed with 100lbs of Fruity Pebbles is exploding with fruit flavors.

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There are four tier levels and when you join the Pint Club you will get an opportunity to win a six pack of Ohio beer that is shipped by Rivalry Brews You will also get a few coupon codes, and once every month you will be invited to a one-hour Q&A session on Facebook in which you can ask them anything you want about craft beer and the industry. In the very near future patrons will gain access to exclusive content that no one else is going to hear.

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