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Pint Talking

Feb 4, 2021

This week we return from an impromptu hiatus. Big Bird joins me to discuss more expected craft beer trends in 2021. We also talk about his first visit to Fat Heads Brewing in Middleburg Heights, and he tells us about where his son signed on to play college football. I discuss the Kolsch in my fermenter as well as the monster Russian Imperial Stout I brewed this past weekend. In the interview session this week I am joined by Marty Lindon and Derek Keck from Millersburg Brewing Company. We talk about Marty's history that took him from being a banker with a biology and chemistry degree to becoming the head brewer and partner at Millersburg Brewing Company. We also discuss what it's like to be the only brewery in Millersburg and how the pandemic has impacted their business. Make sure to follow Millersburg Brewing Company on IG at @millersburgbrewco and on Facebook at @millersburgbrewingcompany. You can also head over to their website at and see what they are brewing up.

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